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Regular, random entries from the dream forum at: BOOK-OF-THOTH .

"I am beginning to suspect that in some dreams are real .

"How many people have had dreams that have felt real? Have had physical reminders of dreams like dreaming that you had an operation, and then woken up with the marks or pain exactly where the operation was? Or have had an illness, injury.. dreamed that you were treated for it and found that you were healed the next day?

"Or that you were in some sort of altercation.. dreamed you were fighting a battle or were in an accident and you wake up with nagging painful reminders the next day?

"Or that you dream of an event..or of people interacting with you on some level, that seems to have seemed to play out in this reality , maybe not in the same way, but the outcome is similar?"



-The Dream Page of Lucretia's Heart-

"It's a little like an internal war. The Waking Mind decides it wants something-- say, to stop eating when not hungry. Yet, when our minds wander, we'll find ourselves almost on autopilot, heading for the fridge...! Then we hate ourselves as we stuff our face! Who needs that shit? But most of us have a few versions of this sort of thing going on all the time. Why do I always quail inside when a family member calls? Why do I freak out and scream at my romantic partner when they act bored? Why do I...?

"So I've come up with this system for labeling the aspects of ourselves in dreams. These dream characters almost always fall into one of several categories: Rays, Shadows, and Guides. Rays are created by things we hear growing up-- they are equivalent to a Superego, the programs begun by outside authority figures, including the almighty peer-group! Shadows are the result of those "rays" of false light-- they are the repressed aspects of the self, the Id if you will. The Guides are the wise and healthy aspects that seem to be connected to a Higher Self or Divine and true Light.


Ha, I've seen this movie at least a dozen times over the years (Carpenter's classic 'THEY LIVE'), but after re-watching again last lazy Sunday, I noticed that in the scene where Piper puts on the glasses for the first time and visits the book stand, he's prominently standing next to the book "Edgar Cayce on ESP".

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