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( May. 21st, 2009 12:46 pm)

Since it seems that this Dream Width account will be dedicated to... dreams (hope that's not too generic) here's a little ditty by Roy Orbison. In the coming weeks we'll see how this new blog might expand to cover more terrain and info such as nightmares, archetypes, general consciousness and sociological memes.


"Do you know what Freud said about dreams of flying? It means you're really dreaming about having sex."

"Indeed? Tell me, then, what does it mean when you dream about having sex?"

~Rose Walker and Dream, in SANDMAN #15: "Into The Night"
Thanks to mathmusician for the DREAM WIDTH invite and hope to get involved here in the coming days (though I'm not quite sure what this space will yet be dedicated to). In the meantime, before things really get cookin' here, you can check out my LJ page which is updated pretty much daily. = =


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