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( Nov. 16th, 2009 02:20 am)

Though you can scarcely tell by the trailers, UNIMATRIX ZERO Episodes: 1 &  2 was part of the series, 'STAR TREK VOYAGER'. It dealt with the ominous species known as 'THE BORG' and what occurred during their sleep states (regeneration cycles). Only 1 in every million humanoids assimilated by THE BORG were capable of entering a dream reality where they could interact and form new lives away from the hive. There, these unique individuals plot a rebellion against the collective, which results in harrowing assimilation for various crew members of 'VOYAGER'. I was never a big fan of 'VOYAGER' but pretty much anything in the TREK universe that involves THE BORG, or the mischevious entity known as Q, is worth a look...

Release Date: 2010

Still grieving the death of nine-year-old Alice – their only child – at the jaws of a crazed dog, vet Patrick and pharmacist Louise relocate to the remote town of Wake Wood where they learn of a pagan ritual that will allow them three more days with Alice. The couple find the idea disturbing and exciting in equal measure, but once they agree terms with Arthur, the village’s leader, a far bigger question looms – what will they do when it’s time for Alice to go back?

Wake Wood was filmed in County Donegal, Ireland - was the first feature from the legendary production company Hammer Films in thirty years.

The dream stalker invades Comic-Con! It was a big year at the annual San Diego expo for A Nightmare on Elm Street and iconic horror legend Freddy Krueger. He's got a new film. A facelift. And a new man beneath the makeup.



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