I've had plenty of weird, vivid dreams worth sharing in recent weeks, but thought I'd post this one for the "journal". It's basically a continuation of a dream that I've had at least a half dozen times now, a very lucid dream where I realize that I'm sleeping. I'm in a night club type of setting, up high, like the 20th floor of a building, and there is bizarre music playing. It's not techno but very electronic and tone oriented melodies, soothing yet dark and brooding. Whale songs come to mind and frequencies from deep under-water.

Upon talking to various people at this "club", I begin to realize that everyone here knows they are a "dreamer" too, having a mutually shared dream experience in this building. It's a shared understanding that, in the waking world, we are "scouting" people to come with us to this dream dimension so we can plan and party, away from the peering eyes and ears of the "real world". We will knowingly TRY to get more people back to this dream facility when they go to sleep, so we can all have a central meeting point in the reality of the dream-scape.

The different levels of the building lead to different dimensional planes, different realities of dreamers and sleep states. Perhaps other planets and universes as well. We are thinking up new ways, in the WAKING WORLD, to try and promote our club and get people to join us in the shared dream. In other words, we're trying to recruit new members.

It might sound mundane or boring, but could be a good upcoming experiment. A "viral marketing campaign" to try and influence people to focus in on a particular dream facility where we all might share a mutual ESP type experience. I've always been fascinated by the possibility that the people you meet in your dreams, are actually other dreamers, suffering a partial amnesia, and perhaps wearing different masks than the faces and flesh of their real lives. I'll definitely keep giving it some further thought and consideration as I think there are some strange and potentially ground-breaking possibilities with this "research".

Vivid. Extreme flooding in the residential area that I live. Tidal waves crashing down the streets, cars being swept away, houses destroyed. Heavy rain and thunder. Elderly, bearded man comes to the porch and says something about Noah and the Bible and all things must come to pass.

Major waves, the rain stops, floods subside, I walk the street surveying the damage of a wrecked, gray sky. The street is demolished, trees broken, rubble, bodies, destruction. At the end of the street I come upon a school bus. The rap singer Eminem is leading little children on to the bus by rapping to them in a lyrical beat. At least 15 or 20 children herd themselves into the bus.

I walk in as well. Eminem gets back on the bus and holds a knife to me with a crazed look in his eye. I notice that the bus driver is very gorilla like and seems angry. Eminem seems a little nervous and worried, but threatens to cut me. We're driving, some kind of commotion rings out on the bus, and we flip over in a ditch, behind a parking lot.

I escape, and fly away. The children on the bus are being terrorized, underneath gloomy skies, and I try to find help for them...

Ha, just a strange dream worth mentioning....
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( Nov. 7th, 2009 04:19 am)
So I've got this application on my cell-phone that has a full dictionary of dream interpretations. Some of it seems pretty obvious but it's a nice tool to peruse if you're sitting in a bar waiting for the next band, or at the dinner table waiting for food to arrive. Hundreds of detailed entries there, offering a little scattered insight into dream psychology. Also, had a weird dream a few nights ago where I was Freddy Kruger on a rampage. I had telekinetic powers, and the glove, and a "Phantom of the Opera" type love for the pipe organ (which I could play just using my mind and thoughts). It was weird, I killed quite a few people but showed mercy on some. In the end, of course, it turned in to a perverted sex dream of sorts..

Yeah, there have been a ton of weird dreams in recent weeks... wish I used this blog to collect more of them, but alas, I'm already keeping pretty busy elsewhere. If anything really insane comes during sleep I'll be sure to record it here for your judgment and ridicule.

More to come...

One of the things I've always hated about my dreams is that often times I'll have a really detailed and involved journey, vivid and with many twists and turns, and I'll think to myself "This would make an awesome book!" (yes, I actually think that in my sleep, when I'm in a certain level of lucidity). Yet, when I awake I have usually forgotten the most important details of my dream, or something that made absolute and perfect sense at the time now just seems like a jumbled mess upon regaining full consciousness. The same thing happens with music and songs. I have many dreams where I'm performing in front of an audience, singing songs that are completely made up on the spot, songs which seem to be calling for me to create them from the cosmic ether. Though by the time my eyes open I have forgotten the words (though might remember the tune), and can't quite find the notes of the chorus. I have created many songs in this way, those which have jumped out at me during sleep. It's very annoying to feel like a nationwide best selling book was stirred up in my subconscious mind during sleep states, yet I can hardly remember any of the details afterwards... Only bits and pieces remain, bits and pieces...


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