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( Sep. 5th, 2009 07:26 pm)

Listening to music in bed is a right pain – literally, because unless you’re lying on your back, earphones hurt. What’s more, in order to placate partners you have to listen to everything in a barely audible whisper. Step forward (can pillows walk?) the ingenious Sound Asleep Pillow.

I already spoke about my modest one-man-band The Conscious Sleep Project -HERE- , but just gettin' the word out however I can that I've started two new Myspace pages dedicated to my tunes, and independent, local music generally from the state of Indiana.

There's some cool stuff over there, really, so hope you'll check it out! These are like the 3rd and 4th Myspace pages I'm currently running, along with LiveJournal and Blogger accounts, and 4 different websites. I don't know if that makes me kinda proficient, or kinda... pathetic?!?!

Anyway, check it out, new updates over there, podcasts and such. Worth a look-see if you're at all interested in my little hub of creation.

10 Essential REM Videos on Youtube
Need a pocket collection of one of the world's best bands? Check out the essential collection of REM videos available via the mysterious magic of Youtube. There are probably a few memories in here for you.



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