Starring Dennis Quaid,
DREAMSCAPE is a very memorable film from the 80's era, though somehow still manages to be a largely forgotten gem. The premise of the movie is centered around a secretive government funded project which trains individuals who have psychic abilities to enter people's dreams through the usage of experimental technologies. The dreams are then capable of being monitored, upon waking, through TV screens which have recorded the events in real time (this is similar to the plot device of a new Japanese animated film entitled PAPRIKA, which we briefly reviewed in a previous edition of the MOONSTAR THEATRE). The purpose of the government project is to diagnose and treat sleep disorders, in particular, horrible nightmares which some of the patients are experiencing. Among the patients who are seeking help through the facility is the President of the United States (Eddie Albert, Green Acres!) who keeps having horrible nightmares about the COMPLETE NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES, WORLD TRADE CENTER INCLUDED. Seeing himself as somehow to blame for this future catastrophe, the President tries to find the source of his bad dreams. Unfortunately for the old Prez, a group of crooked scientists and researchers, working for enemy agents, attempt to use "Dream Warfare" in order to assassinate the President in his sleep, causing him to have a heart attack due to terrifying visions. Perhaps the most memorable element of the film is that of a giant snakeman, which haunts the dreams of a young boy who is also seeking treatment at the dream clinic. I'm convinced that this snakeman is the basis for all of the works of coo-coo for coco puffs researcher, David Icke. In any event, DREAMSCAPE is an enjoyable film and a very intriguing concept which could stand to be given another go-around in theaters. I'm not a fan of remakes, but this one might be worthy of another reinvention.

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One of the better horror films to come out of the late 80's era, this original plot-line begins with the emergence of a sinister 1970's cult called "Unity Fields" which commits mass suicide by setting themselves on fire within their compound. Their psychopathic (and psychic) leader Harris (played by Richard Lynch) demands that his followers kill themselves to prove that he is their dark messiah. Only one woman survives the brutal inferno and lives to tell the tale (Jennifer Rubin), haunted by nightmares and committed to a mental institution in order to help her deal with the traumatic experiences. Now, 13 years later, as people begin dying all around her, she realizes that the evil cult leader, Harris, is back from the dead to claim his "love child". BAD DREAMS is a suspenseful and well crafted film, sure to give its fair share of goose bumps and, well, bad dreams. While I rarely say this, after 20 years, a remake might be in order as the storyline of the film is perhaps more socially viable today than it was in 1988. A recommendable piece of horror cinema, the complete trailer can be viewed HERE.



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